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Trusted Advisor Network is an inclusive, regional consortium of professionals dedicated to collaborative networking who serve business owners and C-level executives. Our ultimate mission is met when both the business community and our members thrive. TAN’s members meet regularly to enhance both their business and personal lives, building trust that comes from knowing one another beyond professional endeavors. Educational programming is a foundation for all who are interested in being better at business.

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"Trusted Advisor Network" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  P.O. Box xxx, xxxxxxx, NM xxxxx

A robust network is about quality relationships leading to good, often collaborative business. TAN members are committed to building and extending trust. It is not just networking.

As such, TAN values members with:

  • Building a thriving business community
  • Integrity, a commitment to quality work, and an enthusiasm for personal, professional, and business growth;
  • A give-to-get philosophy, who look out for their fellow members and have a sincere interest in helping them;
  • An attitude of abundance, who look for opportunities to share work and refer opportunities;
  • Who are interested in building long-term relationships in the spirit of helping each other succeed.

For the TAN Code of Conduct and Resolution Process, click here.


The TAN methodology offers a step-by-step system for building your business through cultivating effective professional relationships. In his exclusive video series, TAN co-founder Michael Podolny details the powerful system of relationship building that leads to quality referrals, and continuous expansion of your business.

Watch the videos here.


Trusted Advisor Network, LLC was founded in 2008 and in 2018 has converted to a non-profit member-driven organization to develop the business community through an effective network, one that addresses the specific needs of professional consultants who serve businesses and business owners. The founders had experienced myriad business organizations, tips clubs and networks, none of which provided the type of support, connections and structure that leads to strategic practice development.

Trusted Advisor Network members are both go-getters and go-givers. Our system of give-to-get demands high-level business and personal relationships does not demand reciprocity in business referral’s but getting the right services to the client. It all comes back in the end, we just don’t expect when and where and the satisfaction of giving is the best!


Craig Dill of Craig Dill & Associates is well-known for rapid remediation of business problems and has an extensive background in a variety of industries. He is not just the financial manager of TAN, he is also responsible for oversight of Arizona operations and is TAN’s business/project manager. Craig also heads up the first Special Interest Group (SIG) supported by TAN. He is well-known for his clear, brief and definitely memorable “elevator quip.”

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Michael Podolny of the Podolny Group is a widely respected consultant in the field of business exit and succession who assists owners in maximizing the value of their businesses and achieving their personal goals. His networking strategies are evident in the TAN training program which he largely developed and continues to foster as TAN expands. He is the guardian of TAN’s founding principles and networking philosophies and oversees the moderator/leader training program. 

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