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The TAN system

In 15 short-course videos you will understand the fundamentals of developing and utilizing an effective network. TAN is not a networking group. TAN can be your network of trusted professionals, if you develop and utilize these techniques.

TAN Course - Introduction – video 1

The TAN System is more than just a course on networking. The TAN System is a powerful tool for promoting your goals that integrates professional practice management, best business development practices based on networking and the use of strong collaborations

TAN Course - Components of the TAN System and How They Integrate – video 2

It is a mistake to think of the components of the TAN System as isolated best practices. It is a comprehensive whole that can drive the accomplishment you seek.

TAN Course - Understanding the Indirect Aspect of the TAN System – video 3

One of the hardest principles to adopt in the TAN System is that its results come indirectly. It requires focus and patience to earn its harvests.

TAN Course - Best Practice One, Building a Strategy for Applying Your Networking – video 4

Even a single person practice needs to understand what its goals are. Integrating that clear understanding creates a foundation for building your application of the TAN System.

TAN Course - Best Practice Two, Know Your Business…The Tools That Will Make Your Networking More Effective – video 5

One of the TAN System’s greatest benefits is increasing your business. But to maximize that benefit you have to know what business is best for you and be able to describe it others.

TAN Course - Best Practice Three, Introducing, The First Technique of One-on-One Meeting Management – video 6

Successful networking is about one-on one meetings. And it is not about you. It is about the person you are meeting with. Learn to make the other the star of your meeting.

TAN Course - Best Practice Four, Connecting, The Second One-on-One Technique of Meeting Management - video 7

Successful networking comes from meeting the same people again and again to develop a relationship. You are not going to do that if you don’t have some kind of connection with the other as a person.

TAN Course - Best Practice Five, Making Use of Classifying to Optimize One-on-One Meeting Effectiveness– video 8

Make each one-on-one as effective as possible. If you know your business and what is best for your business, you can quickly identify where a person you are meeting with fits and get the most out of each meeting.

TAN Course - Best Practice Six, Building Trust, Where Collaboration Begins – video 9

Trust is at the heart of the TAN System. It is the invisible force that allows referrals and collaboration to happen. Be proactive and cultivate it consciously.

TAN Course - Best Practice Seven, Following Up, The Basic Tool for Building Trust and Collaboration – video 10

Once is never enough. If you want to build trust you need to see the same person a number of times. So follow-up your meetings with other contacts. And always do what you say you are going to do!

TAN Course - Best Practice Eight, Seeding a Relationship. How to Go from “I Know You” to “I Can Work with You” – video 11

Adding valuable connections to your network won’t happen by itself. One has to be proactive. But you also can’t go all in without some due diligence. It starts by planting a seed.

TAN Course - Best Practice Nine, Testing, Finding Out if You and Another Can Really Work Together – video 12

Once your seeding activity has produced a positive result, to have a really strong collaborative relationship you need to be able to work together. You can only find that out by testing each other.

TAN Course - Best Practice Ten, Referring and Connecting, What We All Want and What We Need To Be Giving – video 13

This is it. You want referrals. But to get referrals you have to give them. AND you have to make connections which are not the same. Trust this – if you want to be the power networker and get the full benefits of the TAN System, become the one who is the power connector.

TAN Course - Best Practice Eleven, Time Management, How Do We Ensure that We Invest the Time Necessary for Networking Success – video 14

Success from the TAN System only comes when you devote time to it. And the time has to be devoted in the right ways.

AN Course - Best Practice Twelve, Measuring and Monitoring, Getting the Data We Need for Self-Accountability and Future Practice Analysis – video 15

What we measure, we improve. What we measure, we accomplish. Want to succeed? Want the TAN System to power your success? Then apply metrics and the use of data to your practice.

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