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"Trusted Advisor Network" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  P.O. Box xxx, xxxxxxx, NM xxxxx


TAN is a community of professional advisors who are dedicated to building their practices and growing their revenue through:

  • Building relationships with other trusted advisors
  • Exponential expansion of your network through other trusted advisors
  • GIVE and GET highly qualified referrals
  • Continuous education and training in effective networking and business theories
  • Get mentoring and consultation from other seasoned trusted advisors
  • Collaborate with other trusted advisors to jointly serve bigger clients

The high caliber of the individuals who are vetted and invited to join our organization ensures that you have a referral network of professionals you can trust to take care of your clients. And vice versa.

The deliberate, tested system accelerates business results by harnessing and simplifying best practices in the development, nurturing and leveraging of relationships. Members dedicated to practicing the TAN methodologies reap the high rewards of the professional network and collaboration.

“75% of my work is due to my membership in TAN.” Steve Etkind

Continuous Learning

TAN members get results through continuous learning and practical application of proven networking strategies and techniques

  • Interactive best pratices and open discussions
  • Workshops and online resources LINK to Youtube
  • Special interest groups
  • Coaching and mentoring

A fundamental principle that makes Trusted Advisor Network work is that we accelerate the critical path to commerce. Our system enables successful professionals to get to know, like and trust each other. Cross-referrals are the natural outcome. New clients are the result.

Professional relationships

“Give-to-get” is not a faddish concept to TAN members giving is a mindset that builds trust and reciprocation.

  • Members give highly qualified referrals
  • Members counsel and advise one another
  • Testimonials recognize members assistance
  • Collaborations expand opportunities

An Inclusive Community

  • Non-exclusivity generates more opportunities
  • Members can refer trusted resources to clients
  • Multi-state business connections
  • Shared values, methods and goals


TAN is a community of professional advisors who are dedicated to building their practices by becoming better networkers through:

  • Engaging and productive meetings
  • Education and training
  • Practical application and assistance
  • A credible association of trusted advisors

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